I invite you to visit each of these amazing women and creative entrepreneurs

that are now  working with a self-hosted, customized WordPress theme.

Is it time for you to empower yourself on the web? 

Sink into the magical teachings of Guru Kiren Kahlsa integrating ancient Yoga wisdom with Intentional Painting and sacred adventures and retreats. 


Julia Jensen guides her beloveds through the experience of the Pathwork Tradition with compassionate wisdom teachings. 


Meet the incomparable Catt Z and open your own cosmic portal though a glowing combination of art journaling, Intentional Creativity, and deep dive inquiry into your personal unknown. 


Joni Advent Maher, compassionate guide in the art of feminine revolutionary DARING at


Tina Greene, devoted coach, inspired speaker, and creator of Lotus Wisdom teachings at


Luminary Jennifer Bowers, sensory retreats to nourish your best self. Creative, Sensuous Nourishing. Yes please!



Rachel Bavis, bringing wonder and whimsy to heal the world through her Healing the Healer method and The Wonder Blog!

Healing the Healer

Beautifully revisioned, Cosmic Cowgirl Nomi Dekel brings us a new Voluptuart Experience that must not be missed with her passionate support of positive body image and art. 


Color of Woman Teacher Catherine White-Gardner, coming soon!

Unstoppable entrepreneur Nomi Dekel, an inspiration in reinvention through her work guiding the core areas of your life, and the rebirth of her store VoluptuArt, coming soon!


Elisabeth Corey, courageous advocate, writer, speaker and coach sharing her light at


Julie Greer, artist, self-love guide and founder of  Jule’s Place in Taos, NM and online at


Beth Hedquist, Helper and guide for your unique journey of healing and transformation in the Pathwork Tradition.



Shiloh Sophia Painting

I support the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women & Girls — November 25, 2015 – December 10, Human Rights Day. Image by Rachel Bavis and C. Rocky Jaeger, painting by Shiloh Sophia Lewis.

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“I have known for a while that I wanted to start my own virtual business and help others with trauma recovery.  I was excited about doing the work. I just had no idea where to start.

I needed a web designer, but I didn’t know what to tell them to design.  I had some ideas, maybe too many ideas, but I didn’t know how to turn those ideas in to a website and even more importantly, an income-producing business and least of all how to create an appealing design.

I knew I needed help and that is when the universe kindly put Danna Clare right in front of me.  Danna’s brilliance at visual design was clear from the beginning.  It was obvious that she knew the technology as many do, but she offered far more.  She saved my life by offering me three critical things:

A process:  She was able to take the pile of overwhelming tasks and break them down in to a schedule which focused me on one aspect of the project at a time.  It eliminated the paralysis and overwhelm that had been stopping me in my tracks.

A knowledgeable sounding board:  She was able to listen to my ideas, too many ideas and help vet them out and narrow them down.  She never encouraged me to change my mind.  She just asked me the right questions that helped me think through what was really important to me.  She was also able to help me understand the difference between my normal writing style and copy writing.

Accountability:  To be fair, I have always been goal-oriented.  But I have a hard time being accountable to myself.  When someone is there to hold me accountable for deadlines, I know I won’t miss them.  And when that happens, progress happens.

I am so happy to have run across Danna and her work when I did.  If I had not, I have no doubt I would still be flailing about waiting for a rescue.  I would recommend Inspired Eye to anyone who wants to change their lives and others through a virtual business.  Danna is much more than a designer.  She is here to create the next generation of purposeful businesses!”

Elisabeth Corey, Beating Trauma