Are you walking between the worlds of wanting to share your work but not having all the technical know-how to get it ‘out there’ in a way that feels TRUE for YOU?


Are you ready to step up and out and into your on-line world in a way that feels as good to you as it does to those you serve? Are you ready for the whole package that says to your clients you are ready and willing and wanting to show them who you are and what you bring to all of us?


This is the missing element that you’ve been waiting for.


A full turn key WordPress site with all the elements you need to run with your business or passion project.  Created for you with care and guidance so you can keep doing what you need to do to share your gifts with the world.

“Danna Clare is a magical being who guides us through the fog of creating our on-line presence. Her incredible talent at helping us navigate our essence, our gifts, our offerings is unparelleled and is my absolute go to person when my coaching clients are ready to shine their online light and offer their gifts into the world. I am committed to creating our lives and biznesses from the feminine perspective and Danna embodies that as she helps women get a new enchanted perspective on their own brilliance through words, images and archetypes. ”

--Mary MacDonald of Conversations with Stella Mac: Feminine Paradigm Coaching for Your Business and Life

Danna Clare, Creative Guide


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This is a full web-odyssey.  Four months and a complete web-vision for your business or passion project. From clarity sessions, to creating your site, to your newsletter and even creating a gift for subscribers – all with a designer and web-guide by your side. A creative journey into your vision on the web, and the completed on-line vessel to finally pull you through the looking glass and into the world of your new business or project.

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Class Starts October 17th, 2016!


Are you feeling called to discover how to create your own WordPress website, blog, and newsletter to share your gifts with the world? To have the ultimate in DIY guidance and care so you can craft and create your own space on the web?




A 12 Week On-Line Course October 17th – January 9th with opportunity for ongoing membership to help you create and share your gifts and service online!

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