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Are you ready to make your creative life your REAL life?

Website and Newsletter Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs


Welcome Visionary!

Like you I am part of an evolving creative community that is right at this moment accessing our primary imperative to be self-expressed and to open this world to others. Through teaching, art, counseling, dance, writing, devotion, healing, activism – whatever your unique offering to this unfoldment may be – its time to gather in your Beloveds and bring it forth. (You realize you are part of a greater Creative Movement and Revolution, right? That’s why you’re here, bright being! So keep reading…)

As part of my work around our creative VALUE I have created a space here for the past several years to invite women from all fields of healing, spiritual, creative work and play to take that next all important step through the looking glass and do what so many of us dream of doing. Make your Creative Life your Real Life. Pause for a moment. How would that feel for you? I know.

What if you released the separation you feel from your true self and her deepest desire and calling, and unite your heart with your daily life?

We do this through creating the intention for that to occur, and then creating the space for those people who are waiting for us to find us!



I encourage and provide resources for creative women to take the leap forward into an online space, a website, blog – or even just an active newsletter account – to call in the readers, clients, beloveds who are waiting for them to show up right now. Some call this web design, though I rarely do!

We are creating feminine, heart centered businesses to work with each other and are turning the tide toward creative unity, community, sisterhood and sovereignty online and in the world. This is one way – a big way – to show up. And its a place where the work of women, with our values of connection and creation, are desperately needed to reach across the miles to each other.

Through my work here at Inspired Eye Creative I have midwifed amazing women during their journey into the digital realm of the web. We have created beautiful spaces online for them to show up within and share their much needed gifts with the community. You can see some of these beautiful creations and visit these visionaries HERE.

If you are new here – there are some changes afoot!

We have RESOURCES coming. Self-paced. Clarifying. Tech-FRIENDLY types.

Interested in a full web design program? Contact me for a consultation.  

 We need your voice on the web. Let’s unlock the language.


Here’s the exciting news, for those who are already working with me and to those who are just visiting (Welcome!).

To serve the GROWING number of VISIONARY CREATIVES beginning to dream into this idea of sovereignty on the web – yes, we need you! – I have these downloadable, affordable, inspiring, feminine… ( I could go on) courses that will be available very soon. Sign up begins September 2017.


Here’s a list of what to expect – be sure to sign up to be notified when these anytime access, DIY courses are released! We need your voice on the web. Please don’t keep silent, isolated, intimidated for one. more. minute. It’s time!

Upcoming Courses…


Queen of Your Domain: Beginner’s Guide: Step lightly into the realm of technology and begin to unlock the mysteries of creating a starter website. Learn to create using a wordpress dot com hosted theme for a simple, inexpensive introduction to creating your domain on the web.


Queen of Your Domain: Sovereignty: Claim your space on the web by setting up your own self-hosted WordPress website with a premium theme and have full creative freedom with a site that can grow with you as you create new offerings. Includes The Art of the Free Gift bonus, and Get Creative with Mailchimp course.


Get CREATIVE with MailChimp:  Reach your Beloveds with this simple, fun and accessible FREE newsletter service. Create and design your signature template, add content to nourish your readers, advertise your upcoming classes, or create a class right in your newsletter and automate it to your students!


Craft your PDF eBOOK:  Learn how to organize, create and design a PDF eBook to share your wisdom with your beloveds. Use Pages to provide a reading experience that stands apart, with a working table of contents, access to video or audio, sidebars, beautiful fonts and links to connect with you.


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“Danna Clare is a magical being who guides us through the fog of creating our on-line presence. Her incredible talent at helping us navigate our essence, our gifts, our offerings is unparelleled and is my absolute go to person when my coaching clients are ready to shine their online light and offer their gifts into the world. I am committed to creating our lives and biznesses from the feminine perspective and Danna embodies that as she helps women get a new enchanted perspective on their own brilliance through words, images and archetypes. ”

--Mary MacDonald of Conversations with Stella Mac: Feminine Paradigm Coaching for Your Business and Life

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Woohoo! You have taken the first step toward your unfolding creative future.