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Welcome Creative Being! Are you feeling called to finally share your voice? To connect and constellate a community of your own? To catalyze and give movement to what is yours to give and receive, and to finally get it out there growing and expanding?

Maybe you’ve been ready for some time, but the choices of how to navigate the online world can be vast. Too many choices, and chances are, not one of them really looks like you. Maybe you just can’t see yourself “marketing that way”.

That’s because your way hasn’t been invented yet. That’s for you to decide!

And beginning with a newsletter is still the most intimate way to connect with those you wish to gather in. It’s the ideal place to begin calling in your community and a necessity for sharing your work on a greater scale. But for many of us, a little less split testing right off the bat, and a little more ‘where do I start?!’ may be in order for a newsletter course! What should you include, and how to share it? Is there a template for that? How can you make it look good, with consistent colors and imagery? (Yes, please.) Should you give something for free? How does that work? And how often should you send something? How do you send a class? Let’s start where you are…

Immerse yourself in WINGS, a self-study newsletter design and tech-training course to allow you to go at your own pace and craft your message your way. 

Library of Step by Step Tutorials

Receive immediate access to a private library of video tutorials. Watch and follow along to design and create a beautiful newsletter that reflects you, discover how to send a campaign, track your results, and even send an automated workshop!

Learn on user friendly MailChimp

Start with a free Mailchimp account and begin to grow your list. Discover how to set up sign-up boxes to gather in your list, how to offer a ‘free gift’ directly from your free account, and craft beautiful responder emails that go out automatically to greet new readers.

Divine Your Content

Access  journaling prompts to help you clarify and divine what kind of newsletter content you wish to send. Will you include a blog post? Send to members only?  And the part that most trainings leave out: How to make it beautiful and authentic for you. We’ll start with inspiration to guide you to go deeper.

Learn at your pace

Everything about WINGS is set up to reflect how YOU want to show up and connect with your readers and beloveds. And that includes moving at the learning pace that is right for you. Receive a full 6 months access to the library after you sign up that are yours to access on your schedule.

You’ll discover many new tools to empower you along the way, such as:

  • Why you don’t call your newsletter a newsletter. Your content is Queen, we will start there so you can discover what your email is really about.
  • Should you include the blog in the newsletter or part of it, and how do you get it to link?
  • Will your blog and newsletter contain the same content, or do you have exclusive content for those that sign up?
  • What will you say and give to bring your community together, in other words, build your list? Will you have a give away?
  • How often should you send, and why? (hint, this depends on who you are and what your content is, there is no one size fits all!)

And best of all dear ones, step by step guidance! Get ready to create.

Press play!

You will learn: 

  • How to create and design a beautiful drag and drop newsletter in Mailchimp
  • How to set up sign up boxes or “opt-ins” on your website or social media
  • How to create welcoming automated “responder pages” that will send whenever someone signs up
  • How to send your first campaign. (That just means how to schedule and send your newsletter!)
  • How to set up an automated flow of emails such as a workshop or class or gift!
  • How to track your results and suggestions to get you started with experimenting with your sends. (only the basics, this is not a high powered marketing class, we are here to divine, craft and get started first, so don’t panic!)

BONUS: You’ll also receive guidance for resources to find the most beautiful images and graphics, and two extra tutorials on how to create banners and badges in Canva, a free online graphic design service, so you can make your email truly reflect you and your message!


Ready to get started? Classroom doors open March 19th, 2018. You will receive: a private library website available to you for six months with 19 screen shot video tutorials to take you step by step through the training, 6 key journaling and muse prompts at specific points in the training to keep you inspired and on track without getting stuck, and a bonus training series in Canva to create graphics that can be used in your newsletter, Facebook, or other marketing.

Plus, register before DECEMBER 31st, 2017 and save $100 as my gift to you!

Don’t wait any longer to share your voice. We need to hear from you.

$297.00 one time payment.

Register before December 31st and save $100! 

Only $197.00 for six months access! 


How do I participate in Wings, is there a classroom?

Once you register you will be directed to a private classroom page that holds all of the tutorials and prompts. WINGS is a self-study program. (Sign up with a friend for accountability!)

Do you Offer Tech support?
WINGS provides step by step tutorials and MailChimp is a wonderfully user friendly program. I will open up hourly support to purchase separately several times a year for the course and you can also contact me through the website here to schedule a session as needed, based on availability.
Is it possible to extend my time after six months is up?
Yes, life happens! You will have the option to extend one month at a time for the duration of the time the course is offered at the low alumni fee of $29 per month.
What kind of technical experience do I need to take wings?
General computer knowledge and a working computer rather than a tablet or phone is required. You will need to feel comfortable using the internet, and know how to upload basic files and images. Some kind of photo sizing program is needed for creating on the web, so if you don’t have one now is the time to get familiar! Most of all an openness to trying a new program and learning is key!
How much time will it take me to complete wings?

Wings is a training that you can expand on as much as you like, creating new templates, new classes – and this is why I want you to have a full 6 months to create with access to the training. To get your basic newsletter up and running, a few hours a week for 2 weeks is recommended, or give yourself a full weekend retreat to stay in creation mode!

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with Danna.  She has been the answer to a prayer.  She helped me to execute my vision in ways I could not even imagine.

Joni Advent Maher

Spiritual Feminist and Coach, Revolutionary Heart

Danna is a magical being who guides us through the fog of creating our on-line presence. Her incredible talent at helping us navigate our essence, our gifts, our offerings is unparelleled. She is my go to person when my coaching clients are ready to shine their online light.

Mary MacDonald

Biz Coach, Color of Woman School, Cosmic Cowgirls University


Classroom doors open on March 19th, 2018

Register before DECEMBER 31st, 2017 and save $100 as my gift to you!

Don’t wait any longer to share your voice. We need to hear from you.

$297.00 one time payment.

Register before December 31st and save $100! 

Only $197.00 for six months access! 

Due the the full all-access nature of the WINGS course there are no refunds. Please contact me below if you have any questions. My hope is you’ll take this opportunity to share your vision and join those who are uplifting and serving through their work. We are waiting to hear from you. 

Questions? Contact me!

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